Monday, April 29, 2013

Welcome to Scotland!

September 12 - present
We arrived in Edinburgh at 4pm on September 12. After two flights, 21 train rides, 16 cities, ten countries, 907 photos, too many beers, countless memories, priceless experiences and 38 days of traveling; we had arrived at our destination.
We got off the train at Edinburgh’s Waverly Station, and we waited almost half-an-hour for a taxi to take us too the flat we were
Due to the wait in the taxi queue we were running late to meet the lady Anne, who was waiting to let us into the flat and I was texting apologies on our way in the black cab.
We arrived at such a beautiful flat, typical of a few neighbourhoods in Edinburgh.
It was great to have somewhere to call home for the next month and let us slowly get acquainted with Edinburgh. 

What an adventure it had been for J and I, a once in a lifetime experience had passed and were definitely ready for the next one, well, after a good sleep-in.

A view of Edinburgh from Arthur's Seat

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