Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Let’s get quizzical

A list of the top five pub quizzes in Edinburgh that run on a weekly basis, or otherwise known, as pub quizzes I have done in Edinburgh and how I rate them out of ten. And all they will cost you is a pint.

The Bad Boy Pub Quiz, The Three Sisters, Tuesday 10pm
139 Cowgate, Edinburgh EH1 1JS
This is one of the best pub quizzes I have ever done; Basically it has around eight rounds including: musical statues, where you nominate someone from your team to represent you in a dance-off, an observing round where you have to watch a 1960s episode of Batman and Robin and have to answer questions regarding what you saw, an anagram on the back of the sheet you have to figure out before the last round and then the best part of the night, is half-time where the bar staff dish out *free chicken curry. There is a maximum of six per a team too. 8/10

Goose’s Famous Pub Quiz, The Golf Tavern, Wednesday 9:30pm
30-31 Wrights Houses, Bruntsfield, Edinburgh EH10 4HR
This was the first pub quiz I went to after just moving to Edinburgh and it is in my favourite pub, and the oldest golf pub in the world. Be prepared to come earlier because this quiz and the pub can draw a crowd, especially if there is a football match prior to it beginning. The quiz here is genuinely a good general knowledge quiz. Probably handy if you have someone with sports knowledge on your team, considering it’s hosted in a ‘golf tavern’ that is decorated with antique sports equipment and memorabilia. 7/10

The Salisbury Arms, Tuesday 8pm
58 Dalkeith Road, Edinburgh EH16 5AD
A lovely ‘village’ pub on probably what could be the longest road in all of Edinburgh. A quiz rumoured to be frequented by Doctors and medical students can be quite the challenge for some, so make sure to round up your most intelligent of friends and not just any rag-tag group of people. I was quite surprised by the first time my friends and I did the quiz with its choice of music round; Classical, lucky for us, we had a classically trained musician on our team. One of the best rounds was a picture round; where you had to name which Kevin Bacon movie it was (due to those EE advertisements) and one of the worst rounds we’ve had was a picture round; where you had to name the British politicians in the photos by first and last name. 8/10

The Black Rose Tavern, Wednesday 8pm
49 Rose Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2NH
When I went to this pub, we had actually not intended on doing a quiz, but we instead went for their famous rock karaoke, but were surprised by a little quiz beforehand, that of course features a round of questions about the rock and heavy metal music genre. Unfortunately we didn’t have the musically gifted friend on this occasion. The quiz is like a little starter for the night’s entertainment; the karaoke is the main event and highlight. Though we didn’t get to do any singing ourselves - because a lot of locals frequent this pub, and so there can be a bit of a wait if you want to belt out some rock anthems yourself. 6/10

Pub Quiz, The Chanter, Monday & Thursday 9pm
30-32 Bread Street, Edinburgh, EH3 9AF
Popular with students, due to the great discount on drinks, if your one of the lucky few to have a student ID card - this bar although quite big, can be packed out on pub quiz night, so definitely get there early. I did this pub quiz with a couple of friends of mine who are students and had been there for the quiz a few times, and said that it had been better before the ‘new’ guy had taken over. Apparently it used to be better when run by the last ‘quiz master’ as he would give out more random prizes for best team names, etc. Again with this one, I recommend bringing along someone who is sports mad, as it is a sports bar. 5/10

The Golf Tavern nestled behind a frozen Bruntsfield Links


  1. That's great Moggs. Hope we get to sample one of these 'Pubs' and a 'Quiz night' when we get there.

  2. Love to read about your adventures, sounds like a lot of fun. Love A