Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tea anyone?

The Chandelier Room
So I'm guessing there are a few of you out there who enjoy a good cuppa', brew... tea. What better way to enjoy an afternoon tea like no other, than with a high tea. The words 'high tea' always conjure up a vision of ladies, wearing their best church dresses accompanied by white gloves and reaping of class. Though according to The Royal Tumbridge Tea Museum, high tea actually refers to "afternoon tea served on a dining room table (a high table) as opposed to afternoon tea served on a 'tea table' (a low table)." 

Well, if you are out and about in Brisbane there is nowhere better to get a high tea than the Room with Roses Cafe. On the top floor of the historic Brisbane Arcade, where you will catch some ladies in their Sunday best, it is a great place to grab a coffee and cake, breakfast or lunch. A charming establishment, with beautiful fresh roses on each table and magnificent chandeliers decorating the grand Chandelier Room, as Cafe Owner Vicky Pitts describes as, "a little bit of luxury in peaceful surroundings."

The view of Adelaide Street from the Chandelier Room

Fresh roses
A speciality of Room with Roses is of course their high tea. Sittings for high tea are from 9am till 11:30am or in the afternoon from 2:00pm onwards. A high tea is $38 per person and includes an arrangement of afternoon tea delicacies from petit fours to ribbon sandwiches, including their signature raspberry and ginger scones and my personal favorite, the lemon curd tartlet. It is also a great time to try something different from the tea bags you have at home, as they have an array of different teas including their delightful Rose Grey Tea, which adds a beautifully delicate sweet fragrance to the palette. Though if you are brave you could always taste Russian Caravan.

It is a great place to celebrate a bridal shower or to just take your mum out somewhere nice for a cup of tea. 

You can have a look at the Room with Roses Cafe menu at the website 

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