Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Postcard: Clayfield

Dear Pamela-poo,

What a great suburb in Brisbane we chose to live. It has a lot of personality and enough daily hustle to know you are only K's away from the city. Clayfield - it's quite an old suburb. There is beautiful, centuries old houses - where the classy type of folk live. And I feel like I've died and gone to heaven because I'm a short stroll away from delicious Italian food and French desserts. I've decided to make Dolci Sapori my regular spot. The owner Aladino is a lovely man - who is so kind to chat to me while I'm sitting drinking my coffee. You can buy Sicillian Canoli's - a dessert fit for Kings and Queens. They also happen to make the best Iced Chocolates and Iced Coffees in the world - as they use real chocolate or coffee flavored gelati. Scrumptious. You can buy all the little pastries buy the kilo - which make for great desserts when James and I visit people for dinner; we just take over a handful for other guests and leave ourselves some to delve over later in the week. Then there is the Clayfield Markets - a family owned grocery shop - that now houses a delicatessen. All my favorite cheeses; beautiful chorizo and salami. And I can also buy fresh flowers and they have my favorites: sunflowers. Hope you can visit someday soon.

Lotta love xxx Moggs

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  1. Where can I get a nice cup o coffee?

    Signed - Mr Blank